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BERLIN air max 97 triple black pas cher , March 29 (Xinhua) -- Former Chinese youth team head coach Eckhard Krautzun shared his opinions about Chinese soccer.

Xinhua: Mr. Krautzun, we hope you don't mind if we start with the easiest question we can think of.

Krautzun: (Smiling) I'm listening.

Xinhua: When do you expect China will win the World Cup?

Krautzun: You call that an easy question? I honestly have doubts that any Asian country will win the World Cup in the next 10 years basically because many countries in Asia lack professionalism and basics and general conditions and the ability to catch up with the pace at which the game is played by the world's top teams.

Xinhua: Is the pace the main problem?

Krautzun: As for the pace played by the world's best, you have to say that it's almost impossible to play at that speed in hot and humid climates like the ones in most parts of Asia. And then there are many more reasons like coaching and regular competition. One is the coaching skills.

Xinhua: That might be the situation at the moment, but what can be done by a sports nation like China to improve?

Krautzun: The right step has been taken by President Xi Jinping. China has to build a pyramid of success starting with a coaching system right from the bottom nike air max 97 noir homme , meaning in the schools. It is coming late but not too late. The mistake in the past maybe is to set up a league like the Super League but at the same time to neglect junior coaching and youth development. Things have turned around now and coaches will have to be trained as well.

Xinhua: So China will have the chance to improve as a football nation and let's say become successful?

Krautzun: Considering its population plus the financial potential and the organization talent, China

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