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"It is wheat and company.Wheat and company are a hinterland amusement companies, but influence very of big.I just returned to beat to conduct electricity a words communication with entertainer's manager Bu of their company, they said to cautiously investigate this matter.If the words said by us were words really, they would definitely apologize to our company."MAICHH explains to say.
"Again made a phone call to ask him in the past survey result."The autumn of the leaf says.
MAICHH saw Ran a winter night one eye and saw her just at quiet sit in the corner.After this young man came, she seldom again to this affair up declare.See, she is to have already handed over to this affair completely him to be responsible for.
The relation that simultaneously guesses 2 people, MAICHH again connected wheat and the entertainer of the company department manager Chen Ze astutely telephone.
"Feed, manager Chen.I am MAICHH of China voice amusement, I just communicate that matter with you, have you ever investigated to had no?The entertainer of our company is infringed upon, I need to beg for to return to justice for my ground entertainer."MAICHH towards a telephone to say.
"I just once communicated with CORA, he finished saying to know nothing a way, this matter.If China voice attempts the healthy image of my entertainer of the company of Wu Mie again, we will also reserve to pursue your power of law responsibility.Execuse me, I still have some matters.So."Finish saying, the telephone inside is already a burst of blind sound.
The attitude of the other party is overbearing, basically didn't put a wife and children company in the eye.
The MAICHH angry ground says:"Hear wheat and is very some background at the domestic, the company real strenght isn't weak either, in addition to the English emperor, China Yu, a thousand years and the sky of Hong Kong are this a few jumbos, their hardly putting the small companies being other is in the eye."
The autumn of the leaf smiles to ask a way:"Is there backstage?What kind of backstage is having the rumours ?"
"Concrete circumstance I not clear.Seem to say to is a very pre-eminent department class childe's elder brother to open a ground of company.He is a behind-the-scene investor."MAICHH says.
".So.Still is really some trouble."The autumn of the leaf ordered to nod and said winter night to the Ran:"Have your elder sister's telephone number?"
"Have."The Ran handle knob machine is taken out winter night, after stiring the elder sister's number, passed to leaf autumn.
The leaf once connects autumn a cellular phone and walked to window way.
"Winter son?You this dead Ni how to think of to make a phone call for me son?Can having a man also start to remember my this elder sister?"Spread a voice of very intimate doter to woman in words tube.
"It is me."The autumn of the leaf says.He knows that the Ran stars says of that'man'is who.
"The autumn of the leaf?"The woman of words tube opposite ground to a stop for a while and said.
"H'm.It is me."Say for leaf another autumns.
"Occupy?Can't be come to come with a marriage proposal of?Words of coming with a marriage proposal, should also go to our home just right."The words of Ran stars in take some disdain.With her energy, nature to the affair in leaf autumn knows of clear.To numerous beauties in leaf autumn know already, she is equal bad impression.
The younger sister whom oneself dotes on most ran to be other people of small three, for proud of she to say to is very hard to accept.However she understands her own younger sister and know she is stubborn, oneself also advises solution not, have to to respect her choice.
The leaf autumn corner of mouth smiled to smile, didn't realize challenging of Ran stars.The cold inside is hot out of this woman, is typical model of the knife mouth bean curd heart.She although because own flower heart but bad impression oneself, but again because of younger sister and oneselfs of her ground together, but frequently and secretly help.
On a lot of affairs, it is all what station in the Ran house comes out to talk for oneself.She is the Ran sends young generation of lead the way, if have no her to connive, how do other persons probably would like to stand out?
"Want to measure with your company a matter."The autumn of the leaf smiles to ask a way.
"What matter?"The Ran stars also hard gets up and no longer satirized leaf for autumn.
"I now just in R.O.C voice, feeling a company ground the scale is really too small.It is your Ran spoilt daughter of a rich family's handwriting to basically be different from.Have interest to procure an amusement company?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
Telephone that is another Be getting more silent, obviously, the Ran stars is considering a leaf to say like this for autumn of motive.
"If you would not like to take up, I can want."The autumn of the leaf roars with laughter ground to say.

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