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The Shaolin school is very popular in secular society with a myriad of followers. Over the years it was enriched theoretically and its techniques perfected to form a colossal system of fist fight.

Compactness is a feature of the Shaolin school. The moves and tricks of this school are short Carlton Davis Jersey , simple and succinct as well as versatile. While fighting, Shaolin boxers would advance and retreat straight forwardly. They need only a small space to execute their style of fist fight which is described as "fighting along a single straight line." Shaolin Quart is powerful and speedy with rhythmic rising and falling of body movements. It stresses hardness of actions and blows but it also advocates softness in support of the hardness. The motto of the Shaolin fist fight says "hardness first and softness second." When jabbing or palming, the arm is required to be neither bent nor straight Calvin Ridley Jersey , in an attempt to blend external and internal forces. There are some Requirements to a Shaolin Fighter

Act as graceful as a cat. The fighter should make light, easy and graceful movements as the cat dose

Act as aggressive as the tiger. In the face of your enemy you should overrun his courage. Advance harshly, retreat without any confusion Brian O'Neill Jersey , estimate the real situation and than heavily punch with a sharp rush to the enemy.

Step like a dragon. Dragon in China is a symbol of strength and power, so steps should be strong, powerful and resolute. If steps are not resolute Breeland Speaks Jersey , something wrong will be with fists. A non-confident step means a slipshod fist. Thus, steps must be strong and confident. The step follows the movement of the body. When one step is over, the movement of the body is over too.

Act like a lightning stroke. One must be quick as a lightning stroke and instantly response to any changes. Punches should look like flash of lightning.

Move like a gust of wind. The practicer must move vehemently like a gust of strong wind. If you started fighting with a frontal attack Bradley Chubb Jersey , use your force on the left and right following the principle of 'The fist is visible, the strike is invisible' and 'If you do not see your hand striking the enemy, you will never see this enemy'.

Be as heavy as a mountain. A fighter should maintain the stances like a mountain that can not be moved. He should be trained with Mabu Braden Smith Jersey , the Rider Stance and Pole Standing Stance. These two exercises are the most important methods to train the strong feet and how to regulate the breathing.

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