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With the follicle stimulating hormone http://www.cheapmlbrockiesjerseys.com/Ian-Desmond/ , ovulation cycles in women are regulated. In some women, this is lacking and they can become barren. A man-made solution is the Follistim prescription which contains the man-made FSH. This drug is usually indicated for anovulatory women who are not able to ovulate due to low levels of FSH. But Follistim is also useful in men who have low sperm counts. When this drug is used in conjunction with other human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) formulations, there would be better production of sperm cells.

However, use of the drug product may also pose risks for men and women alike. It is crucial to discuss matters with your physician regarding the drug’s advantages and disadvantages especially when the risks are greater compared to its benefits.

First and foremost http://www.cheapmlbrockiesjerseys.com/Charlie-Blackmon/ , Follistim AQ and other drugs with similar constituents are contraindicated for use in pregnant women. The physician would have to rule out pregnancy before this is administered.

Subsequently, patients might have an allergic reaction to FSH medications, neomycin and streptomycin. Ruling out these allergic reactions is an important responsibility of the medical doctor before considering therapy with the medication.

Lastly, the use of Follistim is not suggested for patients who have the following medical conditions:

1 endocrine issues like malfunctions in the adrenal glands http://www.cheapmlbrockiesjerseys.com/DJ-LeMahieu/ , pituitary gland as well as the thyroid gland.
2 Women who are bleeding abnormally from the vagina or uterus, have ovarian, breast, and uterine cancers and have ovarian cysts.
3 Males who are diagnosed with testicular cancer.
4 Other ailments like: ovarian disease http://www.cheapmlbrockiesjerseys.com/Gerardo-Parra/ , asthma attacks, presence of blood clots, and stroke
5 Use of Follistim in lactating females should be with caution.

Females on Follistim treatment must not have sexual intercourse with their partners. Consult the doctor or seek out instant medical attention if there is noted stomach or chest fluid accumulation.

It is extremely essential to seek medical attention if the following signs and discomforts occur:

1 excruciating pain felt on the pelvic part
2 Headaches
3 Vomiting
4 the urge to vomit
5 loose stools

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